Welcome to Zealand Farms Ltd

Who is Zealand Farms? In December 2017 two companies, the Eco Egg Co Ltd and the Big Egg Co Ltd, merged to become

Zealand Farms Ltd

 Eco Eggs had been a supplier of free range and organic eggs for over 25 years in New Zealand and overseas.

The Big Egg had been Eco Egg’s largest egg supplier with its own long history in producing first class free range eggs, pullet rearing and Emperor meat chicken.

Together, both companies combined their strengths of marketing and farming to form a new entity with a great vision:  

Zealand Farms Ltd

 There are great things happening to continue Zealand Farms supply of excellent eggs to the New Zealand domestic retail and wholesale markets as well as to overseas customers in Singapore and Hong Kong:

 Additional free range egg production will be going on stream by mid 2019 in state of the art modern free range chicken sheds.

 Additional barn egg production is currently added to our offerings to help New Zealand grow more cage free eggs.

 Additional Emperor meat chicken production, an Asian delicacy, is being put into place for the growing expat population in New Zealand as well as for overseas export markets.

 Watch this space as this website will be constantly up-dated in the coming months!

  • Fresh and tasty genuine free range and certified organic eggs.

  • Free range eggs from hens that are well cared for on small scale cottage type family farm operations.

  • Free range eggs from hens that have unrestricted access to large paddocks and live a natural and stress free life.

  • Free range eggs from a company that cares about the environment and has no financial interest in cage egg production.

  • Free range eggs from farms that are independently audited by the Ministry of Primary Industries..

  • More than just an egg but a taste experience.

  • Here and overseas!

    We are committed to the environment, the welfare of animals and the production of healthy and nutritious farm fresh foods free of artificial supplements.


 _在新西兰、香港和新加坡销售的新鲜可口的真正走地鸡蛋和认证有机鸡蛋 _

 _产下走地鸡蛋的母鸡来自小型家庭农场,是以人道方式饲养的。 _

 _产下走地鸡蛋的母鸡享受着自由、自然和自在的快乐生活。 _

 _生产商注重环保并接受独立检查。 _

执行董事麦克•舍尔克斯(Mike Schellkes)早在25年前就为公司奠定发展基础,