Mike Schellkes laid the foundations for the company in 1992 which today makes Eco Eggs one of the oldest dedicated free range and organic egg companies in New Zealand.

The operation is based on Mike's original production principles – the way he had produced free range eggs from backyard chickens over many years.
These principles have not changed for the last 20 years - despite increasing competitive pressures from large scale industrial type free range operations.

Today a network of individually contracted small scale producers nationwide forms the production base for the company's cottage-type specialty eggs.

All these family farms are independently audited against the company’s strict production principles.A network of contracted distributors supplies most retail outlets all across New Zealand - with over 250 supermarkets today stocking the company's eggs.

Eco Eggs are also supplied in bulk to cafes and restaurants as well as to the hospitality and food-processing industries.

Furthermore, an increasing number of eggs are exported to Asia with weekly orders being shipped by air freight to these markets to meet their rising demand for high-quality eggs there.

Over the years Mike has helped numerous individuals and organisations with their free range egg production systems and standards - this included private operators, welfare organisations and government advisory organisations.
Today the company takes pride in the fact never to have been involved in cage egg production.

Nor does Eco Eggs indirectly finance its free range operation from cage egg sales!

EcoEggs remains committed to the environment, the welfare of animals and the production of healthy and nutritious farm fresh foods free of artificial supplements.