These are our eggs:

Eco Egg Free Range Eggs

Bio Egg Organic Eggs

Animal Welfare Food Eggs


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Our Mission Statement:

We are firmly committed to the environment, the welfare of animals and the production of healthy and nutritious farm fresh foods free of artificial supplements.


What do our "Medallion Marks" represent?

You will have noticed the medallion mark on our egg cartons. This is our guarantee to you that these eggs are of the highest quality and comply with our very thorough welfare and production standards. All our producers get independently audited once a year.

Where can I find ECO EGG products to purchase?

ECO EGG products are widely distributed in the North and South Islands of New Zealand and are marketed by most of the major supermarket chains, such as Woolworths, Countdowns, Foodtowns, New Worlds and Pak' N Saves.

ECO EGG products are also exported and stocked at some renown cafes and restaurants who have decided to opt for quality before cost to give their customers the best in eggs.